Nearly 1 million undocumented immigrants live in New York State. While 70% are essential workers, the majority of them are excluded from Federal COVID-19 emergency assistance funds. We need your help, Todos Together, we can make a difference.


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Brooklyn Defender Services provides free legal assistance to immigrants in and out of immigrant detention who cannot afford an attorney. Inside immigrant jails, the safety of the people we serve is neglected. Outside, the immigrant community’s health and economic stability have been disproportionately impacted by COVID19.

With your contribution, Todos Together we can ensure that the immigrants we serve can get the material support they need to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.





The Todos Together Fund will provide immigrants who are facing extreme hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic with gift cards for groceries, household, hygiene and toiletry needs as well as essential baby supplies. It will also help our immigrant community with their utility bills, remote learning needs, and medication costs. For those that are still in ICE jails, Todos Together money will contribute to their commissary accounts allowing them to purchase soap, toilet paper, phone calls to their families, and food. The majority of your support will go directly to the immigrants we serve. The rest will allow us to keep fighting so that all immigrants can have access to an attorney and due process in their fight to stay home.


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  • Before ICE separated Edwin from his family, napping was a family affair.

  • Elmer's family during his detention.

  • Upon his release, Nakia was able to celebrate his son's birthday with his family.

  • Edwin lost his job when he was taken by ICE. Now, also ineligible for emergency relief funds, Edwin does what he can.

  • When Nakia was taken by ICE, his wife was left to take care of their 5 children, including a newborn, on her own.

  • Edwin and his daughter were separated for 13 months.

  • Nakia's older son chips in and pushes his baby brother while his dad is in ICE prison.

  • Steeve, Krystle and their children, are interviewed for VICE News, about the challenges undocumented immigrants face during COVID




Immigrants facing deportation are not guaranteed due process or the assistance of an attorney. Without a lawyer to help navigate racist and inhumane immigration laws and zealously advocate for them in court, the majority will be unjustly detained, deported and separated from their families. Legal representation is essential to protect immigrants’ safety and human rights; during the COVID19 pandemic, that became all the more obvious. In 2013, BDS fought to make New York City the first city in the nation to publicly fund universal representation of all detained indigent immigrants in deportation proceedings. The program has been a resounding success, but many more will face this system alone. As we fight to dismantle the racist, unfair immigration system, join us in signing a petition to guarantee immigrants in the US the right to counsel in deportation proceedings.


  • Marvin's son couldn't contain his excitement at having both of his parents together.

  • ICE imprisonment caused Vicente to lose his job. Now out, and during a pandemic, he seeks work.

  • Upon his release, their economic reality is difficult to navigate since Marvin cannot work.

  • After more than a year of being separated, a selfie was in order.

  • Ronal's niece was born while he was in ICE prison. This picture was taken the day they finally met.

  • ICE separated Steeve from his family for 6 months. After his release, they were all smiles.

  • Nakia's son was born while he was imprisoned by ICE. He met him when he was released.

  • Shortly after his release from ICE prison Edwin's family celebrated being together again.

  • Ronal's loved one was able to take this picture of him when he was in ICE prison.

  • Before ICE took him, Elmer and his daughter

  • Prior to being taken by ICE, Edwin and his family always celebrated birthdays together.

  • Juan with his son.


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Brooklyn Defender Services is a public defense office whose mission is to provide outstanding representation and advocacy free of cost to people facing loss of freedom, family separation and other serious legal harms by the government. We believe in a client-centered approach and work, in and out of court, to uphold the rights, freedom and dignity of people threatened by unjust, racist and harmful legal systems.